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Recent Report From Area Code 206

2016-02-01 09:14:41 Report
Tim O

A message I am being sued by the IRS A guy with foreign accent . Something Maetz. Says he is a representative of the IRS. I called him and asked to talk to his supervisor. He then became obscene on the phone with some very verbal language and then hung up on me.
Caller type: Unknown
2016-02-01 03:12:18 Report
Tracy Swartz

An indian speaking gentleman called me reporting I owed back taxes to the tune of 2800+ dollars. I did not give him my legal name b/c I thought it was a scam. He offered to send someone to my home on Friday to meet with me. I refused and requested meeting with the local IRS office. They refused, at which point I decided this was a scam.
Caller type: Debt Collector
2016-01-28 04:45:40 Report
Tim Healy

how 330 9119do I get my phone number off your website you got no business tracking my information you got no business putting my phone number out there for anybody to see nobody asked you to take my personal information and put it anywhere get my phone number off this 206
Caller type: Unknown
2016-01-28 04:22:07 Report
donna guffey

keeps saying they are the IRS
Caller type: Unknown
2015-11-05 06:34:34 Report

Called saying I was selected to get a 5-night stay at a Marriott, worth $3000, if I gave them my credit card information and paid a $900 fee. Scam.
Caller type: Unknown
2015-10-15 03:16:32 Report

super-scammy sounding synthesized voice, trying to inform me that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me, and I should call the number back for details. Is anyone that stupid?
Caller type: Unknown
2015-08-26 05:34:45 Report

206-535-1903 called my cell a couple of times. no message on voicemail and when I try to return the call auto msg says the number is not in service. ??
Caller type: Unknown
2015-08-19 13:54:10 Report

Telemarketer for nylons and pantyhose.
Caller type: Unknown
2015-08-18 05:57:34 Report

Tried to sell a monthly box subscription for vintage military socks. I hung up.
Caller type: Telemarketer
2015-08-13 07:23:46 Report
hozyfa alyossef

awant tell you thing
Caller type: Unknown

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