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  • How To Know If A Phone Call Comes From A Genuine Debt Collector?

    Okay, so you have been receiving a call from a “debt collector”, reminding you that you have a debt to settle. However, these so-called debt collectors have become popular recently. Not because of their efficient services, but because they are scammers. Some of these callers will let you settle a debt by sending it to their accounts.

    Also, there are debt collectors who will shout over the phone and will insist that you have to pay your debt as soon as possible. They might also give you details of the debt you supposed to pay long before that you failed to settle. But, how in the world will you know if these are legit debt collectors? We all have experienced prank callers or scammers over the phone, and this particular case is not uncommon.

    A debt collector over the phone could be a con artist. He might have pulled off this type of unlawful act before, and he got good at doing it. That being said, it is important to know the accredited debt collectors from the scammers. We are talking about money, so as much as possible, you must know where your money goes.

    How To Tell If A Caller Is Legit?

    It is important to know if the phone call is genuine. Sometimes, it is only a case of mistaken identity, but mostly, it is a scam. There are tips to handle these types of situations accordingly. The first thing for you to do is to ask questions. Whether it is a real debt collector or a scammer, you need to ask relevant questions. A legit collector can easily answer your questions with regards to your debt. They have to give you a basis. If they cannot do that, then there is something wrong. A real debt collector on the phone must know the basics, which include your name, the name of your company and your address.

    On the other hand, if it is a scammer, they might say that they have already sent the information to you. You have to know that if the caller refuses to answer your questions, then something is wrong. Another thing to consider is that the real debt collector gives you five days after the first phone call in order to send a written debt confirmation. The letter must be more than a demand that you have to pay. If you did not receive the letter, then it is a scam.

    Overall, you have to make sure to determine the genuine debt collector from the fake ones. Your money is involved, which is why you have to keep it safe all the time, especially from an unknown caller.