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  • Phone Number: 206-201-4114
  • State: Washington
  • City: Bainbridge Island
  • County: Kitsap
  • Line: Landline
  • Company: Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: United State Of America - USA
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  • Tracy Swartz
    2016-02-01 03:12:18 Report
    An indian speaking gentleman called me reporting I owed back taxes to the tune of 2800+ dollars. I did not give him my legal name b/c I thought it was a scam. He offered to send someone to my home on Friday to meet with me. I refused and requested meeting with the local IRS office. They refused, at which point I decided this was a scam.
    Caller type: Debt Collector
    Tim O
    2016-02-01 09:14:41 Report
    A message I am being sued by the IRS A guy with foreign accent . Something Maetz. Says he is a representative of the IRS. I called him and asked to talk to his supervisor. He then became obscene on the phone with some very verbal language and then hung up on me.
    Caller type: Unknown
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